How to prepare for a business trip

Traveling for business is usually unavoidable, depending on your position and workload, but if you organize your trip well, you will get all you want to do done and even have some time to rest. Here are ways you can prepare for a business trip:

Make an itinerary

The first thing to do when going on a business trip is to make an itinerary – a file of your flight information, the address of the hotel you are going to stay, airport exchange information, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc. Everything you plan to do should be well organized and documented. Do not rely on mental notes to guide you on your journey. That could be dangerous, as you may forget vital information. For instance, you do not want to miss your flight or ride to the airport or spend time doing nothing when you should be at a business meeting.

Prepare your documents and tell someone your whereabouts

You must take your identification along with you wherever you are going. If you are traveling out of your country, ensure that your passport will remain valid till you return. If you travel on international flights frequently, you may get an international driver’s license. Also, tell someone about your travel plans. You can mail a copy of your itinerary to an employee, assistant, spouse, etc. If anything goes wrong, you will be traceable and easily rescued if it comes to that. However, ensure the person you share your itinerary with is completely trustworthy.


Get the right currency and go with only what you need

If you are going abroad, get the right currency from your bank before you set out. At some point, you will need some cash to pay for little expenses that do not need credit cards. Get an ATM that can be used in other countries so that you do not get embarrassed. Additionally, you are going on a business trip, not a vacation, so there is no use taking almost all of your wardrobe with you. Most times, you will be required to dress corporately as you have to look the part, so you may not have time for wearing different types of dress. Pack the essentials such as your phone, laptop, contracts, brochures, some clothes, cosmetic bags/shaving packs. If you have medications you constantly use, do not forget to take them along. For the things you are going with, you will need the right type and size of bag to move your items. You would also need a wallet for your cash. If you need to get a bag, wallet or related leather products, you can read reviews about companies that sell leather products on CollectedReviews. You could start by reading about Forbes and Lewis to check if they have the type and size of bag that you will need for your trip.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential for anyone who is traveling. For any business trip, you make, ensure you are covered by travel insurance. Do not just assume that your company will subsidize your travel insurance cost or provide one for you. You have to find out if they did to be sure. Your travel insurance will cover issues such as theft, loss, flight delays, medical issues, etc. So if you fall sick during your trip, you do not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on treating yourself, your travel insurance will cushion the financial impact.

Get high-quality accommodation

A good accommodation does not have to cost heaven and earth, so you should try your best to get one. You will enjoy your business trip more if you have somewhere nice to stay. If you are booking your accommodation, make sure to shop around for good deals. If you do not want to stay in a hotel, consider renting a serviced apartment. You still get the perks of being in a hotel but you have your space to yourself. Also, consider a hotel where you have sharp access to WiFi. You must be connected to the internet throughout your business trip. You can also invest in a portable wireless device so that you can make use of your internet-enabled devices on the go. With a portable wireless device, you do not have to spend extra money on an internet connection.

Confirm that you are in good health

Do not just rush home to pack your bags and rush off to the nearest airport for a business trip, especially if you have been told beforehand. Check with your doctor if you are fit to travel. If you are not, you will know and not go ahead on the trip to cause more troubles for yourself. While on the trip, find time to stay healthy as well. A business trip can be so stressful that you hardly have time for yourself. Even when you order food and at business meetings, go for healthy food choices. Do not indulge yourself by eating too much junk and drinking too much alcohol. These food choices will leave you feeling lethargic, and this is not the ideal state for you to be in when you have work to do.

Go through the company’s travel policy

Normally, a business trip on behalf of the company should be fully sponsored by the company. However, you cannot be too sure, so it is advised that you read the company’s travel policy before you set out on your trip. Being familiar with the rules of the company will help you to take advantage of all your work has to offer. It will also help you to know if you would be using the company’s credit card or you will be reimbursed if you use yours, so that you know your spending limits and keep to it.

Confirm with those you are to meet before setting out

Before you set out on your trip, confirm if the persons you are going to meet are available for a meeting. It would be a total waste of time and resources to get to the location and be told that the clients are not available. Fix a day and time that is both favorable for you and the people you want to meet. Choose the best location too. When you finally meet the people you have traveled to see, be of good behavior and do not lose sight of your mission there. Before you think of ha ving fun, achieve your goals first.